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Low growing plants:
rock plants small perennials and ground cover


All our plants are propagated on the nursery from our own stock plants. The list below outlines what we grow over the year- some are available all the time, some are available less often or in small quantities. Please ring or e mail if you want to know if we have a particular plant.

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Acaena Blue Haze New Zealand Bur. Prostrate. Grey blue pinnate leaves, brown burrs.

Acaena microphyllus Copper brown pinnate leaves, bright red burs.

Anemone blanda atrocaerulea Bright blue early anemone

Anemone blanda White Splendour (AGM) Pure white, slow spreading.

Anemone Robinsoniana (AGM) Pale blue flowered wood anemone.

Anthemis carpatica Karpatenschnee grey divided foliage and daisy flowers, prostrate.

Arenaria balearica Tiny bright green leaves and white flowers – suits partial shade

Artemisia caucasica (A. lanata) (AGM) Silver evergreen divided foliage and prostrate habit – excellent edging for a sunny spot not subject to winter wet

Aubrieta Argenteovariegata (AGM) Compact variegated foliage.

Aruncus aethusifolius (AGM) Finely divided astilbe like foliage, dwarf white flower spikes and good autumn colour

Blechnum penna-marina Pinnate bronze green fronds, prostrate habit.

Campanula Blue Baby Blue bell shaped flowers, prostrate habit.

Campanula portenschlagiana (AGM) Lilac thimble shaped flowers, lobed foliage,creeping habit.

Campanula poscharskyana Lilac starry flowers, creeping and spreading, good for dry banks.

Campanula poscharskyana E H Frost Robust creeping perennial silver blue flowers, good for dry banks.

Centaurea bella Mounds of silver, pinnate foliage topped with pink cornflowers.

Ceratostigma plumbaginoides (AGM) Late, blue flowered herbaceous ground cover, autumn leaf tints.

Corydalis cheilanthifolia Yellow green fern like foliage turning bronze in autumn, yellow vetch like flowers.

Corydalis flexuosa (AGM) Dark foliage and bright blue flowers in spring and autumn.

Cotoneaster congestus Nanus Evergreen ground hugging habit, small leaves white flowers and red fruit.

Dianthus arenarius Sand pink, white scented flowers with fringed petals.

Dianthus arenarius f.nanus Little Maiden dense cushions of blue green foliage, white scented, fringed flowers.

Dianthus caryophyllus Grenadin mixed Pungent clove scented pinks

Dianthus deltoides Nelli Maiden pink, prostrate habit and dark red flowers.

Dianthus deltoides Brilliancy Tall form of the Maiden pink with glowing crimson flowers.

Dianthus Doris (AGM) Repeat flowering, soft pink semi double flowers with a darker centre, heavy scent.

Dianthus gratianopolis Rosafeder form of Cheddar pink, large pink fringed flowers 20 cm

Dianthus Sops in Wine Old fashioned pink with white blotches on dark pink fragrant flowers.

Dianthus Whatfield Ruby Dusty dark dwarf pink with strong scent

Dicentra Langtrees (AGM) Low, divided grey foliage sprouts from fleshy rhizomes, white tubular flowers tinted pink.

Dicentra formosa Finely divided grey green foliage and pink tubular flowers.

Erigeron Profusion (karvinskianus) (AGM) Low white/pink/yellow tiny daisy, flowers non stop.

Erodium chrysanthum Delicate primrose yellow flowers and silver grey leaves.

Euonymus fortunei Kewensis Prostrate or climber, lentil sized dark green leaves.

Geranium charlesii Rounded,deeply incised leaves, bright pink flowers, bulbous, spreading.

Geranium sanguineum Bloody cranesbill, prostrate habit and shocking magenta flower

Geranium sanguineum Album (AGM) White and somewhat taller than the species.

Hacquetia epipactis Discrete dwarf perennial with round, lobed leaves and green tinted yellow flowers.

Helianthemum Salmon Queen Rock rose with flat apricot apricot flowers summer.

Narcissus bulbocodium Hoop petticoat daffodil, funnel shaped flowers late March, 10 cm height,pretty in spring turf.

Pachysandra terminalis Dwarf evergreen ground cover, whorls of bright green leaves and white terminal flower heads.

Parahebe catarractae Alba Tightly packed glossy leaves, white flowers with darker veins.

Phlox May Breeze Compact, heavily scented blue-white flowers in spring.

Phlox Red Admiral Prostrate stems bear bright red flowers.

Phuopsis stylosa Loose stems carry heads of tiny pink flowers over a long period. This relative of sweet woodruff has sweet smelling flowers but musky foliage.

Primula elatior (AGM) Oxlip, primrose sized flowers on cowslip like heads.

Primula veris (AGM) Cowslip, native for drier banks and open situations.

Primula vulgaris Primrose, early native for damp shady banks.

Ranunculus ficaria Brazen Hussy Bronze leaved lesser celandine.

Ranunculus ficaria Colarette Lesser celandine with distinct whorls of petals.

Ranunculus ficaria Fl Pl Double lesser celandine.

Saxifraga Aureopunctata Variegated form of London Pride

Saxifraga Findling Mossy saxifrage with compact habit and small white flowers.

Saxifraga paniculata Encrusted type with cream flowers.

Sedum Cape Blanco Blue green fleshy foliage, yellow flower heads.

Sedum spurium Ruby Mantle Dark red-green foliage and flowers

Sempervivum House leek.

Sempervivum tectorum (AGM) Fleshy evergreen leaves, blue-green suffused red-purple, small star shaped flowers.

Silene maritima White waisted tubular flowers. Sea Campion.

Silene vulgaris Bladder campion a wild plant of open well drained places

Thymus see under herbs

Veronica guthrieana Creeping sub shrubby veronica with blue flowers

Vinca minor Azurea Flore Pleno Semi-double blue lesser periwinkle

Viola Ardross Gem Creeping, blue and gold flowers.

Viola cornuta Alba Group Creeping , white scented flowers

Viola cornuta (violet form) larger flowers

Viola cornuta Pupurea Group Purple, strap shaped scented flowers

Viola cucullata striata Alba Numerous small white flowers in spring.

Viola Freckles White with blue markings.

Viola Irish Molly electric gold yellow and brown flowers

Viola odorata Sweet violet rhizomatous habit, early flowers, sweet violet scent

Viola tricolor Heartsease

Viola riviniana Purpurea Group Purple form of dog violet.

Viola riviniana f. rosea (V. rupestris rosea)Teesdale violet Windolene pink.

Viola Victoria Cawthorne. Bright pink flowers.

Waldsteinia ternata Yellow flowered ground cover.


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